Sunday, 28 June 2009

Sifar (1997)

Sifar is an album by the Indian singer Lucky Ali. Sifar was his second album released by Sony music in 1997.

Sifar is an Urdu word meaning "zero". The meaning implied by the singer is well represented by the CD insert in the album - "Sifar - Containing nothing, it encircles everything.Without a beginning, without an end, it stretches from emptiness to infinity and back again".


Baadalon ki Gehraee

Dekha Hai AiseJheel Pe Jaise


Mil Jane Se

Dil Aise Na Samjhana

Suntay Hi Rehtey

Teri Yaadein

Tum Ho Wohi

Nahi Rakhta Dil Main Kuch

Hope that you all will enjoy getting these songs...

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